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Meet Bex

With a background in the corporate environment, Bex is a keen advocate of health and wellness in the workplace. Her down-to-earth approach and creative mindset make her well-placed to support clients in integrating and implementing personalisation in a way that complements the lives they lead. As a mother of two young children she understands the complexities of balance between family, self and work, assisting her clients with practical mindset and habit changes for lasting results.

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ICF Accredited

My Story

Bex has built a solid foundation of business awareness and practice within a corporate environment from an internal and external perspective. An innate talent for thinking of the needs of anyone throughout organisational structure and someone who adheres to standards with ease makes her an integral team member at RISE Wellness. Holistically minded, her values align with ShaeWellness and ph360 to the core. Providing health & optimal performance development is an evolving passion and she ensures her clients are moving forward both in and out of the professional space. With this in mind, her message to clients is that personal growth begins “when the soul aligns with the mind and body, and we discover the core of what it means to be us”. Her mission is to elevate the quality of life for anyone she supports, and to achieve collective growth through enhanced working environments and relationships.

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