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Meet Chris

A veteran of the Royal Air Force and Engineer turned Health & Wellbeing coach. A mind that loves to know how things work and then to share that with anyone trying to make a positive change for themselves or others. An accomplished online educator in the fields of Epigenetics and Personalised Health, Qualified as a Level 4 Personal Trainer and to Level 4 in Counselling & Psychology, Chris constantly looks to expand his understanding of what it takes to get people into action; for their health, for their Business and for their community.

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"If you fail to make the unconscious conscious. It will control your life and you will call it fate"

My Story

Chris broke into the world of Corporate Wellbeing having found a nexus between his passion to help the individual and a desire to have a broad and far reaching impact on communities. Working with large groups who have a common goal is where Chris sees the greatest opportunity to create coherence in the foundational phenomena that is health while increasing any collaborative enterprises capacity for success. To create a better grounding for someone to realise their potential.

With his background and his passion for Personalised Health and the unlocking of human potential. Chris is well positioned to simultaneously hold a role within the Precision Health Alliance as the Business Support Officer. In the role he has helped scores of Allied Health Professionals get started in Personalised Health coaching and assisted in the education of 1000+ Health Professionals in the Personalised Health globally.

This commitment has lead Chris to uncover that the self development is an act of realisation as much as alchemic creation. What it takes to be someone who can become the best versions of themselves requires they embody a path to meaning. This is Chris's pathway and he hopes to help others find theirs.

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