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Meet Eva

Eva qualified as a fitness professional in 2017 and started with City Fitness as a Personal Trainer she was soon excelling thanks to a natural skill at rapport building and an authentic desire to support people to feel better about their body and thus support their mind and mental health.

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My Story

Moving to IHF for 2 years and becoming a Personalised Health coach and serving in corporate health alongside. Now a full time member of the RISE Wellness team and a key proponent for its future plans.

Eva identified quickly that PT certification was far from exhaustive to be an effective expert in exercise as medicine so she set out to acquire more and more knowledge that could help her personalise her approach and broaden her scope of practice. For her it was about saving clients time and money to get answers and results on a linear path. This education journey has lead to Eva holding the accolades of Holistic Health and Movement Coach and Precision Health Alliance endorsed coach simultaneously, there would be only a handful in New Zealand. The skills she has developed under the tutelage of these too Health heavyweights is changing lives online and in person all over Australasia.

Her passion for self discovery and improvement is what drives her to connect with and guide people towards their higher purpose to realise their self actualisation. She is looking to expand her reach to the workplace as this is an area where she truly believes people have and still suffer from a lack of awareness & support within workplace Health & Wellbeing. She has experienced the difference between a healthy motivated functioning teams and a demotivated, dispassionate workforce and knows the impact is incredible. Eva plans to be part of the solution with RISE for years to come

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