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Meet Kandace

Kandace has been working in the Health and Fitness industry for over 7 years. In that time she has worked with 100’s of clients to enrich their health and wellness. As a Personal Trainer at CityFitness her goal was to increase her knowledge and scope to work with clients in a holistic and personalised way. This led her to the discovery of Ph360, the technological backbone of our ShaeWellness programs. Incorporating Shae the Ph360 user interface into her business was a game changer for her and her clients. Encompassing many new areas key to wellbeing such as; nutrition, circadian rhythm and Neuro-psychology among many others.

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My Story

As a Health Coach at NZ’s number one Independent Gym Kandace supports clients using ShaeFit. Thos gym ready version of the ph360 application we use at RISE allows her Health Coaching to ignite her passion and purpose guiding people to revivified wellness. Not prepared to settle on helping clients on a one to one basis has steered Kandace into work in the corporate space to scale her reach and impact to the next level.

In 2022 Kandace will continue to study Rongoā Māori with Te Wānanga O Aotearoa. Increasing my Te Reo Maori and understanding of traditional Māori medicine with the aim to build stronger health solutions for Maori communities. Traditionally ailments have been treated in a holistic manner with: spiritual healing. Evidence has shown Māori may be more receptive to health measures if they resonate with them spiritually and culturally. Kandace says "I believe the Government, District Health Boards and NGOs need to focus on developing community based Public Health measures that target Māori to improve the health of the community by uniting science such as epigenetics with Rongoā Maori wisdom and traditions. I intend to build initiatives to support this ethos."

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