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Why a calorie was never a just a calorie!

Updated: Jan 16, 2020

For too long we have been fed a misguided idea that A! we are all the same and can eat the same to get our goals B! we should just cut out some food and then diet "flexibly" or cut a food group and diet inflexibly or cut a limb off and so on and so on. For sure designing a diet that creates flex is an honourable and sustainable achievement and removing a food group in some contexts is right and may even be a great option in a short-term mass intervention. However, context is everything and long term being completely in the dark about what’s right for your body and just hitting and hoping could not only be derogatory to your goals. It could be derogatory to your life long term.

Ahhh!!! oh no things said that hurt brain

That’s right choices for health are hard and telling everyone they can have it all is like telling a the Genie he’s Not going to go back in that wee lamp at the end of the 3 wish list. It's a lie you don't neccessarily know your telling but you always end up cashing in that thrid wish.

but who knows whats good for you right? gluten is bad! Lack of fibre is bad! Pre-game changers protein is good and post-game changers Meat free is the way forward!! Right, Right

Err Err

Wrong what if I told you there is one factor none of these monkeys touting their politics considered and that factor is the INDIVIDUAL. What if the reason that so many sources of information are conflicting with each other and one study to the next showed that what they aimed to prove was proven because that’s what they wanted to prove. In almost any study regardless of source has outliers, non-responders, non-adherers. These are wrote off as anomalies or considered to be out of variable scope due to incontrollable factors. However, in some cases there could be a not only reasonable but inexorable truth that has been stepped over for the purpose of simplicity or maybe even the purpose of whoever commissioned the study in the first place. This may sound far-fetched but do your research for years it be known that even government policy has been influenced more by politics (economics) and mis-information around nutrition than the truth. America decided fat and cholesterol were demons in the 80's

Everyone toed the line for some 40 years before saying wait a minute why are we all getting way fatter on this sugar laden low fat diet??

So that’s great we have governments and people and science all saying different things but why?? Bear with me it’s coming.

“The answer you get is only as good as the question you ask. But you don’t have a good question till you understand enough of the facts in the first place.”

When we test everyone as a human we believe to create a body of proof we only have to find a significant majority in a statistical sense that has always been enough. The trouble is when it comes to humanity we are pretty complex. So to ignore a tenth percentile who didn’t lose weight on a given program or protocol maybe missing the point. What if in our 20000+ protein coding system known as DNA was an answer to why someone can lose weight real quick on a 3000kcal diet doing only 45 minutes Met-con 5 times a week. (and only 5ft 8inhces tall and 165lbs) and others will struggle to even eat that and still consistently add weight given the right circumstances.

This is where most of us simply say well yeah but that’s not true people are eating more than they tell you and there just fibbers and fatties

Err err wrong again

Some peoples bodies have such a developed digestive tract that they can draw nutrients from food so efficiently that they simply eat less and find they get more efficient and they also have a reactive and adaptive metabolism and endocrine system that will conserve and grow in a relatively low calorie environment.

Can I prove this ? Yes is it significant enough to consider yes! Can I fit it all on a blog that you won’t fall asleep in within another 5 minutes probably not. But I can say this ……

(a further reading list will be published to support the claims here in via case studies and further explanation of the effects of individuality on factors that influence weight, wellness and your wider health)

People are not the same take a look around you right now wherever your reading this and find some people go out and look walk into the street and see what people are doing saying acting feeling. Take it all in

Are they the same ?

Do they think the same, dress the same, move the same, eat the same??

Are they the same?

No they are not there is unbelievable diversity among us which is raw and powerful fact of humanity and in that individuality lies our greatest strength (but that’s for another blog entirely)

That diversity is born in our DNA and in our environment throughout our lives it is continually confirmed. Think of it in a raw statistical sense the possibility of us all

Looking different

Thinking different

Being different

Moving different

Speaking different

And not having different needs in all areas of our lives (including nutrition and fitness) is the simplification and decimation of our greatest asset. We must explore the idea that we all need to know what and who we are in the simplest and most complex sense to truly know how to care for ourselves.

If you are someone looking for answers and you feel that the cookie cutter has left you behind and maybe even unwell or simply down. Then come and see me or one of my colleagues at PH360. We are delving deep into understanding everyone’s individuality and utilizing the knowledge we glean from you to enable you to actually achieve your goals. If it ain't broke don't fix it but if its buggered why do you just keep doing it??

Our species is in an obesity, mental health and existential crisis something has to give people are wealthier and more unhappy than ever we have to ask some hard questions. Number one does our current belief system around food, fitness and body image serve the wider population. When you find your answer you'll find your next question. Just come and ask

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