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You have the answer to all of your stresses but you are looking in the wrong place....Published on

Hardworking people of RISE Wellness. Are you ‘balance challenged’ do you struggle to

switch off for a week on holiday? Could you be hurtling towards a slump or even worse …….. a cliff!! It could all be in the timing

Fact - From a fitness perspective timing is totally underestimated What else do we know about fitness...Consistency is key right? & changing habits is an uphill struggle...... So, wouldn’t it make sense to setup habits that match your actual unique needs. For example timing your workout to the absolute optimum and reap the aggregation of marginal gains from the get-go? Think


If optimal adaptation, i.e. getting fitter/stronger, requires optimal recovery why would you do a HIIT class at 6am (which isn't the wrong thing for everyone but certainly someone) and sacrifice a nominal percentage of your recovery, let alone repeat that behaviour every other day for a year when you could desperately need to stay in bed. If that late-night last-minute run after 8pm interferes with a truly restful sleep, then I can guarantee you it would have been better to do yoga and focus on the foundations of your hip function or sling activation. As the article above explains in detail recovery is king and the opposite of recovery is prolonged, unchecked stress.

Fact - This biological philosophy applies to every aspect of your life!! think Biological return on investment.....

So how does this effect your work, mental health and fundamentally the realisation of absolute potential. Everybody has a clock. Every behaviour has a best fit window, its moment in time, the orchestra that is the body has a literal conductor built deep in your DNA known as the clock genes. Without getting too geeky they are powerfully influential in optimising your timing so if you want your life to be a symphony in the right key, I suggest you work out TRULY whether you are an early bird, a night owl, a fast sleeper or slow sleeper (if that is a thing, Arnie' said it once it sounded good..There is some evidence) Clock genes expanded - Here’s a simple hack that could prove useful but will take a bit of work and is not foolproof but a good starting point. Use your wearables to identify when your deepest rest occurs but make sure you go to sleep between 10 or 11. So you will have to put aside at least two weeks minimum to establish a solid estimation, but the gains will be IMMENSE! If more deep sleep occurs later in sleep (after 4 am) you are likely a night owl if it occurs earlier in sleep say (pre 3am) you are likely an early bird. If you have a wearable that tracks HRV you could even monitor stress variables (to see if there is discernible impact) but take into account unusual levels of distress that could knock out definition around your findings.

Find out more about your Chronotype accurately for free Self Mastery Begins Here! Some 236 words ago I reported I would tell you how this affects your ability to realise your potential. Apologies for the delay hope it didn't stress you out, simply put your body is always trying to find your healthy balance between stressors or challenges and rest and recovery. Having this in check will hugely effect your work, mental health, relationships and realisation of absolute potential, explanation follows. Humans are designed for a certain amount of challenge and difficulty, but we all have a unique balance. However regardless of that balance it has been shown across a multitude of disciplines that if we don’t recover optimally for our needs, we can’t stretch our capacity for managing and overcoming the challenges life throws at us. Just like weight training our full strength cannot be realised without adequate time for the body to build new pathways, tissues, or connections in the muscle or the brain. We create the stimulus we must allow the response, or we risk a slow degradation a reversal of our ability to rise to the challenge. Simultaneously if we don't challenge ourselves suitably atrophy occurs we get smaller and weaker.

Overtraining = Muscle loss or weakness Over stressing = avoidable Mental vulnerability.

Sleeplessness is a stress, exercise is a stress, work can be a stress, environment, family, money, friendships, aunty ‘rona, world politics, crime, change, mortgage, decisions, Christmas, tax, economic recovery……………….. The list goes on and on and ON in other words we are all under a physiological and mental load at all times we are hyper aware of that load when things get drastic. So, learn to lighten the load and become more aware of what makes you recover well and feel good. Give your body what it needs WHEN it needs it and at least manage one variable that is likely bringing stress into your life without you even knowing, ‘your body clock.’ A slump comes when awareness or self-mastery is lacking. There are probably 100 ways you could be more aligned with your biological needs and I’d love to help you find ten before the end of the year. The cliff comes when you get stuck in a rat race that is perhaps a bad fit or just a bad run. Don’t let the wrong kind of inertia leave you feeling railroaded into a bad spot.

And now a message of hope.

When you begin to acknowledge you have unique timing, needs, skills, and qualities then build awareness around where and how to really gain purchase in your ‘zone’ or ‘flow’ then your capacity to cope and build will become bound by only time itself. The people who inspire us have tapped their truth nothing more. They have mastered the knowledge of the self or begun to. They have found their flow. Too many of us are sat like an iceberg with just the tip of our value protruding above water. When all we need to do is become fluid and accept, we ARE water. Become part of the ocean flow that is already guiding and goading you with it find your place in time and then……expect to make some waves.

Chris is the Business Support Officer for SHAE and educator of health professionals throughout Australasia while simultaneously running a leading corporate wellbeing company. An ex-serviceman of 15 years who served overseas and has lived through stretch scenarios that few people will have to endure. He believes this has taught him that human potential to cope is usually impacted predominantly by our perception of the everyday. To understand this idea and others or to unlock your potential using cutting edge technology and ancient wisdom please reach out to him in the comments he truly has a message to spread and believes human progress relies on the individual - you're an individual right?. Chris will be back, till then be the change you want to see but more importantly be yourself……

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