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RISE & Reboot - $100 plus GST

Shae™ subscripton $30 plus GST per month - 3 months (See FAQs below for details)

RISE & Reboot - $100 plus GST

Only available with a current Shae™ subscription

For more information : 027 574 8750 or


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Need more information? See our FAQs below

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"Chris is an exceptional coach whose impact is truly transformative."

Dan L.

Frequently Asked Questions

At RISE Coaching we're committed to ensuring that you are moving at the right pace and at the right time for your optimal health and wellness. The RISE Reboot is a short 7 day program designed to help to kick-start your health journey. RISE Coaching also offers alternative coaching options if you are looking for a less intensive journey.

If you are unsure if this program is for you we recommend that you reach out to our coaches for a free Discovery Call where we can discuss your needs and suggest a suitable program.

Can I do the Reboot Program without Shae™

No, Shae™ is an integral part of the Reboot program to ensure that you are receiving the correct inputs for your body and mind. It is essential to have a Shae™ Membership to participate in the Reboot program.

Which coach will I be working with?

This is a group coaching program and you will be working with our coaching team, rather than a individual coach.

I am signing up for Shae™ for 3 months. What is your cancellation policy for Shae™ Subscriptions.

We sign you up to Shae™ for 3 months because we believe that once you've found Shae™ you won't want to be without it! However, if you do change your mind you can request a cancellation of your Shae™ subscription. This must be done a minimum of 7 days before your next subscription payment.

What is the Refund and Cancellation Policy for this program?

Refunds are available for cancellations prior to commencement of the program, after which no refunds will be available. This does not affect your rights under New Zealand Consumer Law.

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