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RISE Coaching aims to equip leaders with an objective awareness of themselves and their teams. You or your executive team dive into an immersive understanding of Neurotypes in the workplace. 

So you can follow the two rules of leadership 

- Its NOT about you - Service

- It's all about you - Ownership 


We add a technical and scientific approach to making leadership about the individuals that comprise your team. We offer two approaches tuned for the goals your organisation has in mind. 

- Big 5 personality Testing

- Smart Health Assistant Technology. 

The ethos that drives our framework is Transformational leadership. This series will develop your most influential personalities to become masters of motivation, tasking and stress recognition in your teams. 


To register interest and to see our RISE Pathway to potential Program Brochure just click here! 


If you'd like to learn more about our programs and how they are driven book a call with Chris today

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