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Coaching is about establishing where you are at and setting a clear course with a support system that provides knowledge and experience especially in the area of behavioural change. Insight is not enough,  knowing how to get you into action and taking the right ones is where the game is won and lost. 

Primed and ready to support your Health journey our coaches are precisely positioned to get you RESULTS .

  • Clarity and insight 

  • Decrease decision fatigue on the How?

  • Personal goal setting platform

  • A wealth of Resources, recipes, workouts, supplement support.

  • Accountability and support

  • Enhanced coherence 

  • SHAE Epigenetic profiling experience

  • Accountability group - FREE Access 

  • Healthtype support group 

  • Online community access

  • Healthier Body and Mind 


Skilled in the application of Positive Intelligence and embodied in these principles. Coupled with our precision Neurotyping capacity, the RISE mindset game is ahead of the curve.

With techniques and resources at your fingertips you can take the insight and turn it into the 80% action required to make lasting change to the mind! No more negative self talk?! Organise the mind into a conscious self command system that lets your Sage self shine through. 


RISE Coaching has partnered with the worlds first epigenetic phenotype testing Technology Shae. Using Shae and our knowledge we dial into all major pillars of Health and Wellness. Creating a Precision coaching experience that brings results consistently to any client and often in the face of stagnation. Using Smart Health tech, lifestyle medicine and world class behaviour coaching we will help you create vital energy to conquer the obstacles and summit to whatever height you can imagine!



Chris White

Director & Co-founder


Kandace Smiler Smith

Senior Coach


Bex Johnson

Client Experience Officer (Coach)


Eva Newman

Senior Coach


Diana Swan

Social Communications Ofr (coach)


Transform like the Phoenix

Here at RISE we have a strong desire to build a Health & wellbeing juggernaught here in New Zealand. The whole world needs more Health, from Health we build confidence, self esteem, courage a foundation that can propel people to RISE toward the highest potential and create positive impact on those around us. To seek a deeper quality of life.


Whether it's Mental Wellbeing holding you back or physical wellbeing we have a support system and insights that you and your colleagues can lean into to make significant and lasting change. Not least we have our coaching team, top class, heart centred and so much passion for helping others live well, it's a privilege working with these lifelong learners.

If you'd like to learn more about our coaching and book a call with our Client experience officer today



To register interest and to see our RISE Pathway to potential Program Brochure just click here! 

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